Standard Sales

Standard Sales What is a "Standard Sale?" Simply put, a "Standard Sale" is a traditional Real Estate transaction. A "Standard Sale" in Real Estate Terms is defined as the sale of a property that is owned by "an owner who has equity or value in the property above and beyond the amount they owe."

In our current Real Estate market we are seeing more and more Standard Sales, as values have gone up slightly. There are more owners who actually have value (equity) above the amount of their current loan.

Standard Sales are usually better taken care of than bank owned homes. Standard Sale sellers usually have pride of ownership and want to make their home appealing to buyers. For this reason, "Standard Sales" will often times have a higher market value than a distressed sale.

At The Way Realty we understand that the equity in your "Standard Sale" property is precious. We work hard to protect your equity and your investment! We do this by offering you a marketing plan guaranteed to bring MAXIMUM exposure to your property. Guaranteed to drive QUALIFIED buyers to your property. Guaranteed to bring the best possible PRICE and TERMS for your property. How do we guarantee it? Simple: If you are not 100% satisfied with our marketing plan and customer service, we give you the right to cancel your listing at any time (prior to opening escrow). That's how confident we are that our marketing plans work!! Call us today to talk about listing your "Standard Sale" property with The Way Realty!!

Short Sales

Short Sales What is a "Short Sale?" Simply put, a short sale occurs when you owe MORE than what your property is currently worth. A lender must agree to take less than the amount that is owed on your property. The Way Realty has negotiated with many banks on behalf of our clients to successfully close their "Short Sale" transaction.

If you have found yourself in this situation, please know you ARE NOT alone. At The Way Realty we understand how frightening and stressful your situation is. We want to assure you we have helped many of our clients through this situation. We are here to help. Our staff is trained and certified in the area of Real Estate "Short Sales." We understand the process and we are ready to work hard on your behalf.

We would love to meet with you to go over ALL of your options. When we meet we can identify and implement the best possible Short Sale solution, which can help you avoid foreclosure. Once we have reviewed your situation we will take action. We will heavily market your property to find a buyer for your property. Next, we will work directly with your lender to get the "Short Sale" approved. Our purpose is to secure a fair agreement with your lender and to help you move on to the next chapter of your life.

Call us today to discuss listing your "Short Sale" with The Way Realty.